Do you really need breakfast to lose weight and have more energy?

BlueBottle coffee is simply amazing. Each morning I wake up and have a glass of warm water along with my favorite coffee, BlueBottle. 

If you have never had this coffee, your day is officially only good instead of being great:) 
Who knew that coffee could have different flavor like wine? Amazing stuff.

Before I have my coffee, I have to wake up my digestive system and hydrate with a glass of warm water. 

Warm water is ideal when needing to hydrate because otherwise cold water sits in your stomach until it’s at least 98.6 before it can digest it.
So what is next in terms of breakfast? 

Well, nothing for now. This isn’t always the case, but mostly I don’t eat it, yet my energy and leanness isn’t not affected. If anything those areas are improved. And it’s not just me.

According  to newer research done at the University of Alabama, So she and her team had over 300 overweight and obese participants consume diets that included either eating or skipping breakfast.

At the end of 16 weeks, the two groups, the breakfast-eaters and breakfast-skippers, both lost about the same amount of weight.

The authors say that these results are noteworthy enough to actually change the recommendations that doctors and nutritionists make to their patients trying to lose weight. “Now that we know the general recommendation of ‘eat breakfast every day’ has no differential impact on weight loss, we can move forward with studying other techniques for improved effectiveness,” says Dhurandhar. “We should try to understand why eating or skipping breakfast did not influence weight loss, despite evidence that breakfast may influence appetite and metabolis

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