What smoking can teach you about fitness

I had a great conversion with a client regarding success in business, largely about how he created an edge by doing what others wouldn't.

He went on to say that when he wanted to do business with a potential client, he would not accept "no" for an answer. When they would say no, he would respond with "ok, when then would be it a yes?" [Read more...]

3 Strategies For Fast Weight Loss Without Having To Work Out

When I was a strength and conditioning coach at Stanford a few years ago, the football players would weigh in before each training session. It was practically a given that this one head coach would yell at least one of the players for being too light and not gaining enough weight. "What are you trying to be...a supermodel!?", he would shout. It's funny to me since ironically almost all people are trying to actually lose weight.  [Read more...]